Use cases 101 - Involved in a minute

  • 22 August 2022
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Use cases 101 - Involved in a minute
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Involved in a Minute, our video series of day to day use cases, walks you through common daily use cases in five minutes or less. 

Before you yell at us, we know they aren’t all exactly one minute, but the title was too catchy to pass up!

You can:

  • Use these videos before go-live to get familiar with the platform
  • Watch them as you’re trying to accomplish a specific task (e.g. preparing for a value review, managing at-risk customers, or capturing changes in customer health)
  • Learn new ways of using!

Find the ever-growing series here and comment on this post to tell us what use cases you’d like to see added to our training library.

Total time to watch the full set: approximately 15 minutes


Congratulations! ⭐️

Once you’ve watched each of the use case videos, you’ve completed Section 3. Now it’s time to complete your full involve 101 training by completing a knowledge check.


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