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In short, by using the Customer Intelligence Community ("CI.ty"), you agree to:

  • Share your knowledge, experiences and questions via original content and inclusive discussions, and to report abusive or illegal content.
  • Be respectful and professional. Harassment, trolling, and obscenity will not be tolerated in this site.
  • Don't behave with ill-intent: No spam, solicitation, plagiarism, or links to malicious sites or programs.

In greater detail...

Be friendly

Treat other users with respect. Do not post racist, insulting, sexist, discriminatory, threatening or otherwise insulting comments, use coarse language, make inappropriate jokes or otherwise harass others.

Behave legally

Do not post pornographic or offensive material, share illegal or copyrighted content, attempt to distribute illegal substances, viruses or other materials which give you access to the computers or systems of other users, or behave in any way that is considered illegal in your country of residence.

Stay on topic

Do not change the subject of a discussion to something not intended by the original poster. Any off-topic posting or "hijacking" of threads will result in content being removed and ultimately can cause users to be denied access to the community.

No commercial use

Do not use the forum for commercial activities such as the advertising or sale of products or services, the sending of commercial messages (spam), the offering of (interactive) games or the advertising of other chat forums or websites.

No sharing of private information

Please refrain from sharing personal information (telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.); your own or that of other people or companies.

Maintain a single account

Do not create multiple accounts on this community. If the Community Team detects duplicate accounts all secondary accounts will be banned.

Moderator actions

The Community Team reserves the right to change or remove content or to restrict access to individual users at their discretion. Do not discuss Moderation activities in public; should you disagree with an action taken, please contact a Moderator or the Community Manager via private message.

Be careful

This community is intended to be a helpful site, and its members are an important resource; however, you may not hold the community, its members, or involve.ai responsible for any negative consequences resulting from information derived from this site.


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Tracking / Analytics

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