Who benefits from Customer Intelligence?

  • 12 April 2022
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Most business functions have historically had access to customer information. Many are now taking the next step: Customer Intelligence (CI). CI takes customer information to the next level, using it to uncover insight about customers’ behaviors. 

How does CI help different roles?

As per the recently published involve.ai white paper, What is Customer Intelligence?, CI has long been integral to Marketing and Finance teams, supporting targeted, relevant campaigns and predicting ROI of particular initiatives.

However, as subscription services and SaaS have become a dominant business model, and as technology like involve.ai has become capable of delivering quick, accurate insights, CI is quickly becoming not just relevant, but essential to virtually all functions.

  • Revenue / Ops - A deep, predictive knowledge of customers’ behavior, allows this team to prepare for or raise alerts about changes to Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR).

  • Office of the CEO - Corporate executives are responsible for holistic business success, of which CI is one main driver.

  • Customer Office - Customer Success, Support, Education and Experience teams are focused on adoption, retention, and expansion. CI helps these teams understand the right actions to take and when to take them to meet these goals.

  • Procurement - By understanding customers’ needs, procurement teams can better forecast the business’s and supply them appropriately. 

  • Human Resources - With a view into the likelihood of churn and expansion, HR can make staffing decisions that maintain a healthy employee-to-customer ratio. 

To learn how other functions are taking advantage of Customer Intelligence, review the white paper.  


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