What myths are you busting with your data-driven insights?

  • 25 August 2022
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What myths are you busting with your data-driven insights?
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Hello CI.ty! I’m one of the involve.ai co-founders and our Chief Product Officer. I've had such a great response to my recent webinar on Gut Instinct vs Data that I've been working with our Marketing team to develop a daily series on the topic. I'll be sharing learnings on what drives net revenue retention, what to look for, and the risks of using intuition over being data-driven.

Post in the comments here if there are myths you want to see us address or that your own team has busted with data!  I know many of you have uncovered surprises.  In the meantime, here’s...


Myth #1: NPS is all you need.

Net Promoter Score is broken.  Don’t you agree?! “NPS can never be the only driver of churn; it should always exist in combination with other data elements.”


Myth #2: Support cases = bad.

Leaders should LOVE high support tickets.  It’s true!  We should!  Support tickets may mean users are engaged and eager to succeed with your product.  When support tickets indicate a problem is when the support team isn’t equipped to resolve them or when they escalate in severity.  It’s not about the tickets, it’s about how we’re handling them, and tickets are an opportunity to create a positive engagement.


Myth #3: High email engagement is a win.

The dark side of high email interaction: “A study conducted by involve.ai found that, on average, a customer who is about to churn will have more than three times as many interactions in the month prior to churning as they did in a typical month.” 😱. 

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