How did you join the Customer Intelligence movement?

  • 26 April 2022
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Hello CI.ty members! I’m the Chief Strategy & Customer Officer at, and would love to connect about the various ways we've all become interested in the Customer Intelligence movement.


My own journey toward CI...

My interest in Customer Intelligence started years ago, but I didn’t have a name for it. I was the CCO at Glint, now part of Microsoft and LinkedIn, and our CS team was exceptional. But as our customer base grew, so did the feeling that we weren’t using available information to its fullest in our quest for customer intimacy.

We were investing in terrific platforms -- Gainsight, Zendesk, Skilljar and inSided, and of course our own product -- and each delivered mountains of data. But even with a CS Ops team, we didn’t have the capacity to identify insights and take action holistically; any data analysis was very manual and time-consuming. We had other things we needed to get done; halting to analyze the data (which would quickly become outdated) felt futile.  

When I first encountered and the concept of Customer Intelligence, it was like I could finally see both the problem and the solution defined.  Like…🤯  I was SO thrilled by the idea that there was finally an opportunity to leverage technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence (AI), to drive customer value, intimacy, retention, and growth without an ongoing, manual lift. Being customer-centric would no longer be an aspiration, but a reality!

As you can see, I was so excited by the possibilities that I ended up joining the mission!  We are thrilled to launch this community and hope that it helps both those of you who are new to the concept of CI, as well as those of you who are, like me, huge advocates.


What's your story?

Please share your stories about CI! What has your journey been, whether you are new to CI or have been waiting for CI for years!? 

3 replies


We also invested in a platform a few years ago to help us get churn under control but found that it required us to interpret the data - and without a data science team or at the minimum a dedicated head we could not do that.  Fast forward 2-3 years and we learned about CI and Involve - and it seemed possible to use the data we have across our organization to not only predict churn but upsell opportunities!  

After learning about the need for data-driven actions from CS leaders through my consulting work, I used to get these companies to start with a health score metric based on their current customer journey pitfalls and churn analysis from a manual perspective. With this growing need for CS professionals, I decided to do more research and lead the charge on an IC Level and consultant level

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We were definitely looking for a less manual way to manage churn.

My CS team has been focused on the problems in front of them but I always worried about the unhappy surprises that were lurking in the shadows. Now we’re on our way to better understanding risk and can introduce more informed strategies to address that risk and eventually prevent issues altogether.