Your Ideas in Action: Current and Future Feedback Avenues for You and

  • 28 April 2022
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Your Ideas in Action: Current and Future Feedback Avenues for You and
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  • 0 replies’s algorithm is constantly learning; the more data you integrate into your dashboard, the more accurate your customer health score. Increased accuracy means better visibility into your customer data and more actionable items (created by or your teams). We never stop learning, and we never stop growing. 

This is why we are so excited to now have a Customer Intelligence Community (CI.ty) and a dedicated Ideas page. We hope that this page and this whole platform will help us gain more feedback and insight on ways to continue growing and improving


Current & Future Avenues for Your Feedback

  • CI.ty: Our new Customer Intelligence (Communi)ty! 
    As mentioned before, one of the reasons we are so excited to be launching the CI.ty is to get your feedback and general thoughts on product updates and trends faster than ever before. The Ideas page will be critical in helping us keep track of your ideas and how they are implemented. 
  • Customer Intelligence Advisory Board’s Customer Intelligence Advisory Board meets once a quarter with customers and thought leaders that are helping to shape the Customer Intelligence Movement. These meetings discuss product updates/feedback and current/upcoming trends. 
  • Customer Success Representatives
    One of the best avenues for feedback is your dedicated Customer Success Representative. Your Customer Success Representative(s) are always great at communicating feedback to the product team. 
  • Upcoming Events
    Look out for at your next conference! This year, aims to meet and greet clients and thought leaders in person, so we do have a couple of conferences scheduled that we’ll be attending. We are also aiming for a few meetups throughout the year, so check out CI.ty's upcoming events page.

Quick Reference: 

To submit an idea to our Ideas page, make sure you’re logged into the community and visit the page here: Then click “Create An Idea.” 

You will then be taken to a page where you can title your idea post, add a description, labels, and even tie it to a specific part of the platform (dashboard, integrations, workspaces). 

From there, your idea will be posted and shared with CI.ty members, including’s product team. Other members will then be able to agree, comment and/or upvote your idea. 

Ideas that align with our product roadmap and that we have capacity for, will be implemented and the team will then do their best to keep everyone updated on this process. 

Ultimately, if you are interested in sharing any feedback, ideas, insights, or trends, we are positive that CI.ty will offer you the perfect avenue, so please look around and let us know! If you’re interested in getting involved with our Customer Intelligence Advisory Board, please make sure you’re subscribed to our emails for any vacancy updates. We look forward to hearing your ideas and feedback as we go to continue learning and continuing growing together. 

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