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The concept of CI

Customer Intelligence, or CI, means knowing, understanding, and predicting customer behavior by bringing together and analyzing all available customer information. It’s a modern, data-driven take on the age-old goal of “putting customers first.” 

Many organizations understand the value of Customer Intelligence and have worked at collecting and tracking their customer data; some use it to assign health scores or make decisions. But the collection, analysis, and upkeep are time and labor intensive and often tell only part of the story, leaving leaders to fill in the gaps with guesswork. 

I wrote about my own experience with that in this conversation!


CI as a software category

What is so exciting to me about CI is that we’ve gotten to a place with technology where we can actually pursue it through the use of AI and machine learning. We can take the lift and the guesswork out!  involve.ai is leading the charge at creating models that unify and increase access to all facets of customer information -- quantitative and qualitative -- and analyzing them so that team members don’t have to. 

We can understand customer health intimately and take action to bring more and more value, and we can do it quickly.

The Customer Intelligence movement is all about saying goodbye to uncertainty and hello to clarity.

Read involve.ai’s white paper -- What is Customer Intelligence -- for a much more in-depth breakdown of the CI concept, category, and future, and then join us in the Customer Intelligence Movement!

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