Slice and Dice Your Dashboard with Filtered Views

  • 29 September 2022
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Two ways to create a View and reduce the amount of data you see on your customers dashboard.

involve.ai has well over 170+ integrations and your organization most-likely has all, if not most, of your customers data sources linked directly. Having access to so much data may not be necessary for your day-to-day. Simplify your dashboard by setting up filtered views.

You can set views to see only your customers, only customers using a specific product, those in a specific revenue range, etc. 


How to set a view

  1. Login
  2. In your Customer Health Dashboard, click the Views dropdown next to your left side search bar:
  3. Click Add New 
  4. Name your view and select your preferred data. 
  5. Save 

Once you save a View, it will be available in the Views drop down for easy reference. You can also set a View as your default


How to turn a filter into a view

  1. Click Filters in your customers dashboard (next to the View dropdown) 
  2. Select your filters
  3. Click Save at the top: 


1 reply

If I create a custom view for a select group of customers (Example: The 12 customers on our Customer Advisory Board) - how can I share that saved view with other users in my organization?