Key Performance Indicators

  • 30 November 2022
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Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, are the broad categories of dynamic data that’s models use to predict customer health scores. KPIs appear as colorful columns in your dashboard and display a roll up of high, medium, or low.  Almost all of your customers’ behavioral data will roll up into one of these categories.  KPIs include:

  • Product usage could include measures like purchases, login frequency, transactions completed, number of users, or other metrics related to how customers consume your unique product(s).
  • Interaction frequency entails how often your team connects with your customer stakeholders, whether through emails, meetings, texts, etc.
  • CSat and NPS take into account all quantitative survey measures.
  • Number and severity of support tickets - No matter how support issues are reported, their quantity and level of severity will roll up in these categories.
  • Sentiment is a roll up of all qualitative data, analyzed for how the customer is feeling about renewal, collected from surveys, support tickets, and / or an email integration, among other channels.
  • Customer Owner Pulse is where CSMs, Account Managers, and other customer facing roles can enter their perspective on a customer’s health.

Since so much data can roll into these broad categories, you also have an option to toggle on a Detailed View to see specific metrics on each customer.


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