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  • 30 November 2022
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Account Details view
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While the Customer Health Dashboard shows a unified view of ALL of your customers data, sometimes you may want to dive deeper into an individual customer’s trends, insights, and where that data is pulling from.  

By clicking the > to the right of an individual customer’s health score, you can pull open account details for that customer.  This will let you review:

That unique customer’s health and KPI trends (in Key Indicators


The actual qualitative data where sentiment is being pulled from (under History


Workspace tasks that have been created for that customer (under Info Cards)

And AI-powered suggestions for action (in General Info


Account details is a powerful way to better understand your customers’ specific issues as you prepare to meet with them, whether for a weekly check-in or a quarterly business review. Look for conversation starters in changes to trend, or to clarify sentiment questions, and let the AI powered suggestions provide guidance when you’re strapped for time! 

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