Write-backs: Data involve.ai shares back to the system of action


The involve.ai system shares and writes data back to systems of action (CRMs, for example) each time an update is made.

Write-back permissions must be enabled by the data source administrator in order for updates to appear. Contact your system administrator and involve.ai CSM if updated data should be fed back to the system of action.


Data that involve.ai shares back

Values that will be sent back to the source include:

  • involve.ai health score

  • Recent trend of the involve.ai health score

  • Product usage

  • NPS/CSAT score

  • Interaction frequency

  • Number of support tickets

  • Severity of support tickets

  • Customer sentiment

  • Customer owner pulse

Data must be available on the dashboard in order for the information to be shared back. Note: customizations are not included in this list. 

Users can also directly review select client details by clicking on the field link which will route the user to the involve.ai dashboard and account history.

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